The research center of the ‘Atarim’ Company will enable sustainable development and will assist in the smart management of the complexes, properties, infrastructure, and all current and future uses in the coastal and marine environment.

Migalor ‘ is currently establishing a one-of-a-kind research institute in Israel that deals with coastline research in an urban environment.  The institute delves into the development of innovation and the marine economy and provides models and solutions for connecting the sea to the city.  The main goal is to generate knowledge and data that will help manage the urban coastline, yield recommendations for sustainable development along the coast, and assist the Atarim Company and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality in the decision-making process to create a better coastal strip for all.

 The Tel Aviv-Jaffa coastline has a vast array of uses, audiences, natural resources, heritage, and infrastructure.  Managing the urban coastal strip is a challenge, but more than that it is a unique opportunity to create a smart, flexible space that strives to cater to as many audiences and communities as possible while preserving the public resource for future generations.  Without a fertile and reserved coastal strip, it will be more difficult to develop businesses and support the economy along the coast and in the company’s various sites: Tel Aviv Port and the Eastern Fair, Tel Aviv Marina, ‘The Station,’ Old Jaffa and the Jaffa Port.

 That is why the Atarim company founded the Lighthouse – the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Coastal Strip Research Institute.

 The purpose of the institute is to produce a database that relies on research, monitoring, and scientific tools to support decision-making on the sustainable development of the coastal and sea strip in Tel Aviv-Yafo.  This is done through sea monitoring such as sea level, the frequency of winter storms, the state of the ecosystem and more, in cooperation with academic, governmental, and municipal bodies.

 Lighthouse operates in three core areas:

 1. Weather conditions in a changing climate

 The coastal strip and all the complexes, structures, infrastructure, and uses are routinely affected by weather conditions and sea forces at the daily and seasonal level.  Due to climate change, the impact of the sea has been increased by the proliferation of winter storms and rising sea levels.  Atarim strives to best understand the trends in sea and climate conditions in the coastal strip and to map out the sensitivities to sea conditions in general from its complexes.

 2. The coastal environment and the ecosystem

 The prosperity of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s coastal strip and its complexes stems mainly from the aesthetics of the surrounding natural environment.  The Atarim Company works to recognize the risks and challenges of the ecosystem while, on the other hand, the development opportunities inherent in it, and to enable the sustainable development of the coastal strip and all the company’s facilities.

 3. Blue economy and marine innovation

 The urban beach and sea strip is a resource for diverse uses and public and personal benefits.  Atarim strives to apply the most innovative research and knowledge in the field of the urban coastal strip in the city, in Israel and in coastal cities around the world.

 The Lighthouse will provide the most innovative knowledge for the management and development of the urban coastal strip for its various properties, through local research and collaborations with leading research institutions in Israel and around the world.

Photo: Shevi Rotman

Background photo: May Lazarus