Innovation? How can such an old port be modernized?

What will the coastline of the future look like? The answer to this question actually lies in the oldest active port in the world – the Jaffa Port. In a place where the city and the sea, nature and development connect, past and present – an extremely fascinating and innovating marine space is being developed these days. 

For 4000 years the Jaffa Port has been encountering merchants, fishermen, pirates, tourists and immigrants. 4000 years of serving as a greenhouse for various areas of marine economy – fishing, sea commerce, marine education and more, yet the old port makes sure to get updated and stay on its toes. Although we are talking about the oldest, active port in the world, it is definitely facing the future. In the past number of years, the port has been going a process of renewal and serves as home for various marine sports and innovation activities. What do we mean? We are helping research and development projects that will benefit our sea and if our sea is happy – so are we!

In the past year the Atarim Group has been developing an innovative space at the Jaffa Port, a Beta Site – for urban, marine innovation projects in their natural surroundings. The space that is taking shape offers projects from the world of renewable energy and blue economy. The projects are active in their natural environment, whilst testing systems, gathering details and improving ideas towards economic products and services that will make our sea and earth a much better place.