About Atarim

The Atarim Group is the urban corporation in charge of developing and managing the Tel-Aviv-Yafo Coastline, which spreads over fourteen kilometers – from Herzliya in the north to Bat Yam in the south.

Atarim was founded in 1968 by the Ministry of Tourism and the Municipality of Tel-Aviv-Yafo with the purpose of developing tourism sites in the city. The Group’s first projects focused on the city’s beaches aiming to “bring back life to the beaches of Tel-Aviv-Yafo “.

About fifty years later, in 2018, the Atarim Group completed the process of managing the coastline consolidation by assimilating all the entertainment and leisure sites along the coastline, including some of Israel’s most touristic sites:

Tel-Aviv Port

Yarid Hamizrach

Tel-Aviv Marina


Old Jaffa

The Jaffa Port and various other sites along the coastline

Among the Group’s prominent achievements over the years are completing various projects along the coastline:

Planning and renewing the main beach boardwalk – the Tayelet Lahat Boardwalk.

Renovating and upgrading the Yarid Hamizrach and the northern area of the Tel-Aviv Port.

Building the breakwaters infrastructure for the Tel-Aviv-Yafo beaches.

The Group is currently heading more innovative projects around the city: renovating warehouse 2 and 3 in Jaffa Port whilst preserving and developing the activity of fishermen and marine education at the port, which serves as the green harbor for non-motoric, marine sports in the Tel-Aviv Port; building a harbor in the Reading area that will add to the harbor activity in the Tel-Aviv Marina and Jaffa Port; reviving the artists quarter in Old Jaffa, establishing a center for marine education at the Dolphinarium project and more.