The “Sail Tel-Aviv-Yafo” sea festival was held along the city’s beach for the fourth time this year.

Like every year, the festival hosted a large and impressive sailing event with about 150 various vessels, sailing from north of the coastline to its south, passing along all the city beaches.

We hosted seamen and athletes who competed in various competitions and tournaments at sea and on the beach: kitesurfing competition at the Tel Baruch beach, kayak competition at the Hilton Beach,  sailing boat tournament at the Marina, Sap competition at Gordon Beach, surfing competition at the Dolphinarium Beach and a polo-kayak tournament at the Tel-Aviv Port Green Harbor.

Even people with no experience who want to get wet are invited to take part and enjoy a trial lesson at the beach marine centers in the Marina and the Jaffa Port.

Residents and visitors join us for birdwatching, architectural and marine ecology tours, sap and yoga lessons, creative workshops with the Hanoch Piven Studio, lectures from deep sea and Shabbat celebrations on the Marina pier, beach cleaning activities at Givat Aliya Beach, Friday live shows with Pablo Rosenberg and more. 

In 2019 we hosted the “Sail Tel-Aviv-Yafo” together with the urban festival “Open House – Tel-Aviv Yafo”.  As part of combining the two events, we offered visits to the marine research ship, visits inside a yacht and more.

But why bore you with details when we can let the photos do the talking. Take a peek at the mesmerizing photo album:

The photo album of the Sail Tel Aviv-Jaffa 2016 event

The photo album of the Sail Tel Aviv-Jaffa 2018 event

The photo album of the Sail Tel Aviv-Jaffa 2019 event