Update on status of the sea

Since 2017 the Atarim Group has been publishing an annual report presenting the situation in the Tel-Aviv – Yafo coastline for the previous year. Every year we collect, monitor and check details about various areas composing the coastline, in order to manage the coastline in an information-based manner.

The Ataraim Group’s annual report includes current monitoring information such as visitors’ behavior in the group’s tourism sites and the audience’s opinion on communal events, as well as marine nature surveys and details about urban, marine innovation.

These reports help us get a better understanding of the resource we are entrusted with and to make educated decisions about placing infrastructures, planning and various uses for developing the coastline.

Here you can find the reports published thus far for your review, a chance to get familiar and study them yourselves. We hope that you too will find them useful.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo coastline status report 2018

The Tel Aviv-Yafo coastline status report 2017