In November 2019 we began extensive renovations at the Jaffa Port, that when completed are expected to increase the entertainment and leisure area at the port as well as develop other daily uses for the port, mainly fishing, marine biology research, scout activities and more.

The renovations are conducted in one section only of the port, thus allowing the rest of the port’s activity to continue regularly, while significantly upgrading and performing engineering reinforcement for the warehouses in the southern part of the part of the port.   

The ancient Warehouse 2 and Warehouse 3 will undergo restoration and upgrading, which will include an ethnic music center, local street theater, a home for the scouts and marine education center, small and local commercial units, local food and street food restaurants and more. Shaded seating areas will be set up near the warehouses with free shows planned to take place in the public space, varying markets and water games.

The renovations are intended to benefit the fishermen’s community that will eventually enjoy the increase in warehouse space available to them, a fishermen’s club, lavatories, showers, freight elevator and even a sheltered space. A designated area will be allotted for cooling containers and selling fish.

The renovations are expected to continue for about two years, during which temporary, shaded storage solutions will be offered in order to continue the port’s activity as an active fishing port. A unique and original art exhibition displayed on the fence surrounding the renovations complex, will be opened in the beginning of the year.

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