The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act, 1998, came into force in May 1999. Its purpose is to institute in Israel the “Transparency Revolution” with regard to the action of public registration authorities. The public that is in the possession of the authority.

What information? Any information that is in the public domain and is written, recorded, recorded, photographed or computerized.

What information is not?

Information whose disclosure may adversely affect the security of the state, foreign relations, public security, or the security or safety of any person.

Information disclosed is a violation of privacy (unless disclosed by law)

Information which should not be disclosed by law.

Other information whose disclosure may disrupt the functioning of the liaison authority, its ability to act and plan, negotiate or relate to internal discussions.

Information that was created more than 7 years ago and is difficult to find

Information that locates / produces requires unreasonable resource allocation

Information that cannot be found

Design Policy Information

Information about negotiations with a body or person outside the company.

Information about internal discussions, opinions, recommendations and the like that were held / given by the decision making office

Information that is a trade / professional secret

Procedure for requesting information from a website company and how to contact it

Request for information Feel free to write to the Freedom of Information Officer of the company. The applicant does not have to indicate the reason for his request.

Providing information involves paying an application fee. As if the information requested requires treatment and / or production, the application also did not issue a treatment fee and / or production fee.

In your opinion, the applicant was available as if it was in the possession of the authority, while the authority must process the information according to the applicant’s needs.

A decision on the application will be given to the applicant within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application at the company. If the Authority decides to reject the application, the reasons for rejection will be given in writing.

The applicant is entitled to petition as a decision of the Authority to reject his request for information, before the District Court.

Freedom of Information Regulations (Fees), 1999

Arranges the bond payments for contact information requests.

Fees Amounts (Updated 2016):

Information Request Fee – NIS 20.

Information handling fee – NIS 30 starting every hour from the fourth hour.

Information Production Fee – NIS 0.2 for the entire photo page, or computer output, CD – NIS 2.5.

Possibility of paying information request fee

A link to an intentional payment of an information request chapter will be sent after a preliminary examination of the request by the Freedom of Information Commissioner.

Delivery of NIS 20 which will be attached to the request for information.

Receipt of a voucher for the payment of a medium fee on the application submitted (after the preliminary examination above, the Freedom of Information Commissioner).

Every request for information is checked upon receipt by a web site company, even before the application fee is stipulated by law.

The Freedom of Information Intelligence examines the requests made by the community community and the protectors who wrote the information seekers regarding the request, including the availability of information in the company.

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